Sunday, January 11, 2009

My boycott update - No more Huggies for Baby

So what products have you boycotted? I've started boycotting Nestle products, so no more MILO, Maggi etc. There r still some at home, we're not boycotting eating and consuming what we've bought, but those will be the last ones we bought, probably forever. In the meantime, I'm making a list of all Nestle products to be put up in this blog.

We also use a lot of Johnson&Johnson's products because we have a baby. Anyone knows what are the substitutes for their "No More Tears" shampoo and bodywash for babies? Please suggest.

My baby wears Huggies. Not anymore though. We've just bought the new Mamypoko pants. And they're cheap too, at only RM27.50 for 42 pieces. So Huggies, since you support the Zionists and have blood on your hands, you are not getting my money anymore. I've done a check on Mamypoko, they are a product of a Japanese company, Unicharm, so they are in the clear and Zionist-free.

What else? Oh,I've switched to Petronas petrol. No more Esso, even though my I've chalked up more than 15,000 points on my Smiles card.

So how about you people? Don't forget, this remains the best way to act on the Palestine issue. If all the Muslims who numbers into the billions plus the non-Muslims who are also joining in the boycott do as I'm doing, it'll be a matter of time before those Israeli and US companies will have to change their policies and re-consider their support for the Zionist regime. Money talks!

At the very least, they'll have less money to spend on their weapons and bombs.

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