Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Palestinian product boycott: How bout your cigarettes?

I support the boycott of Israel products - and those US products manufactured by companies that are known to support the Israeli regime.

However I just realized something lying besides me that should fall into that category - my box of Winston. That's a US product innit, and I'm pretty damn sure they support Israel. So I'm gonna give up smoking for now until I find a cigarette brand that are not from US. No Gudang Garam for me. The ashes burn your trousers and shirts. And furthermore my wife hates them. When we started dating I always had a pack of Gudang Garam Hitam and Dunhill with me. It was Gudang Garam or don't date with me situation then, and of course she won.

So guys and girls, please think about giving up your US cigarettes if you are really serious about supporting the boycott.

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