Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby it's cold outside .. Awoooooo....

I received this email today. It is entitled "Baby it's cold outside". What a strange title.

Damn, that didn't come out too well. The text is too small.

Anyway this is what the mail says,

"Title: "Baby it's cold outside"

Ave, gentleman

I wish for you on a falling star, wondering where you are.

I am a down to earth lady, who love everything good around her, caring
and loving

I am an easy going girl. I like to enjoy life and laugh. I like hanging out with my friends and spending time outdoors. A simple girl who enjoys every moment. I am attractive, sincere, loyal. I am looking for emotionally available, trustworthy, reliable, genuine, likeminded and handsome man.

Sweet goodbye
A. N."
What the fuck? Who the hell sends this type of email to complete strangers. But I have to admit I like the "Ave, gentleman" greeting. That's class...

Anyway i followed the link and hola!

Awooo.... Hahaha!

For some strange reason, this made my day.