Monday, November 23, 2009

KL Charities (3): Darul Kifayah Orphanage Complex

If in my previous two posts I wrote about efforts by non-governmental groups and individuals, here is one charity effort by the Government, in particular, this one is by the MAIWP, or the FT Islamic Religious Council.

The Darul Kifayah Orphanage Complex is the largest of all orphanage complex in Malaysia, and currently house around 490 orphans and kids from poor families.

This house is fully supported by the Government, meaning the kids there get free board, lessons and meals. And as you can see. their hostel and place of study are not too shabby.

But they also need love and attention, and however much their teachers can give those, volunteers from the outside world (meaning us) will always do wonders to raise spirits and morale. Plus, the sheer number of the kids here means that individual attention and guidance from the staff and teachers will never be enough.

Any volunteers or groups willing to help can call the Headmaster, Faridilatras Abd. Rahman at 03-62570960 or the Council direct at 03-4047 9444.

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