Thursday, February 19, 2009

Save RM4 to help kill Palestinian kids. Lovely.

I can't recall when the last time McDonalds Malaysia reduce the price of their meals or any of the items in their menu, if ever. Sure, sometimes they come out with two-in-one type of promotion, and even then it's for the less than popular item, like apple pie, or promo items, like the Prosperity burger.

But menu-wide price cut? On McValue Meals nonetheless? Never! Yet this is what is happening now. Expensive meals costing RM10 and above (with tax charges) have now been cut to less than RM6! It's just crazy!

And we all know why. It must be the boycott. The boycott must have hurt them, and they took this unprecedented step.

And is it working? Have McDonalds managed to get the boycotters to come back? Those warriors who sacrificed so much, i.e., who've sacrificed their daily or weekly McDonalds fix?

You betcha. Now, I can see MCDonalds being filled to the brim again, especially at lunch time. I suppose savings of RM4-5 on their McDonalds is too much temptation for them.

Now we know that one of the reasons of the boycott is that McDonald actually give money and support the Israeli regime and their slaughter of human beings including kids in Gaza.

So for you out there who forgot your boycott so quickly, the next time this

and this ...

and this ...

happens again, do know that your saving of RM4 help kills them.

Congratulations. Now tomorrow lunch don't forget to get your McValue meals and kill some more Palestinian kids.

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